Guest Feature: Spray Paint & Lace

I was recently on a DIY page my hometown set up on Facebook, and a photo was submitted by a gal named Endsley who had used the “lace and spray paint” technique on a dresser, which is something that I’ve always wanted to try.  When I had asked to put her picture on my site, I started looking in to the tried & true methods that people have used to transfer the beautiful lace designs to a some what diverse surface.  I found several different methods that people used, ranging from laying down a piece of lace and spraying it to using modge podge to create a texture.

 For my viewers – have you tried this method and if so, what method did you use? Was there a certain brand of Spray Paint that you found works best? Did you user a certain type of lace that worked best? Here are a couple articles/methods I found and really want to try:

“Basic Lace & Spray Paint” OR “Using modge podge for texture”

Please, feel free to submit your completed project to me at Or, if you are stuck on a project like this or something completely different and want some advice – reach out to me via email or comment directly on the site.

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