The Non-Slip(ish?) Rug Project

So, a few yard sales back, I found this gorgeous runner rug for about $5 – what a bargain! The only problem was that the place I wanted to put it: in front of the kitchen sink. The laminate flooring made me nervous about someone slipping on it, but I didn’t want it anywhere else so I ventured out to good ol’ Pinterest. I had a game plan in mind and wanted to make sure that it would be okay to use caulking on it. So, here is what I did…


(1) gorgeous found rug, tight weaved fabrics
(1) caulking gun (had already but shouldn’t be more than $7 at your local HW store)
(1) tube of caulking, I used DAP Painters Acrylic Latex Caulk in White

I laid out the rug flat and tried to decide which side would be the top, then I pinned down both ends. Usually, for caulking, you’ll want an angled tip, but I used scissors to get a straight-across cut so that it’s wouldn’t drag as much:

Note: I used a white caulk for this, but if I do this for other rugs, I might look for a clear one..

I went from this cut...
I went from this cut… this cut...
…to this cut…

I started with a line from end to end lengthwise and then made shorter lines in between them to keep it from scrunching too much:

So, I let it dry for about five hours, and placed it in front of my sink:
Kitchen Placement

I am not really sure how the nightly hide and seek games will go with this new rug – the grip is definitely way different from the previous rug. However, I did figure out an alternate location for the rug in our entry way. Either way – the caulking did seem to add at least a bit of grip, but might night be enough for what is needed in a high traffic area. If I move, I’ll update the post on how it holds to carpet.

***UPDATE 9/22/2015 *** Well – as predicted, I had to move the rug to a less central area because it did totally take my son down during a game of hide and go seek.  So – I moved it to our room, but didn’t like it there and finally settled for having it by my reading couch, adding a nice pop of color to our living room.  The caulking does definitely help keep it in place although there are definitely a few things I would do differently.  As suggested, a different pattern would be a good idea; instead of doing the lines I will do something that ‘flows’ a bit better.  Also, the caulking came off in some places so it might help to press down a bit harder when applying vs. just skimming the surface. Lastly, I think I would use a clear caulking vs. the stark white just for that little nit-picky person in me.  Other than that, very happy with how the caulking helps it stay in its place on carpet, but it DEFINITELY did not help on the laminate/hardwood flooring.***

Has anyone else ever tried this and if so, did you use a line formation or more of a “spot” pattern? Is there a certain brand of caulking other than DAP that you would recommend? Please – feel free to comment below!

Thanks, and good luck with your projects!





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  1. I think that if all of the lines of caulking were applied with a consistent bead in a 4″-6″ wide wave pattern rather than straight lines – it might create a bigger non-slip area and help prevent the scrunching!


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