Product Review : 100% Polyester Sheets

Polyester Sheets

So in the spirit of saving money & still keeping up with household requirements of updating things every once in a while, I thought I would try to save us a buck or two by getting a new set of sheets at one of our local dollar stores.  Let me tell ya people, there are a several things that you can accept a generic version of, but sheets are NOT one of them.  While they had a really fun print with bright colors and were soft to the touch, I might as well have laid plastic down on the bed.

See, when at the store – I did not pay attention to what they sheets were actually made of, but instead only paid attention to the advertising on the front, which was classified as a “microfiber”.  Honestly – I thought it was slightly misleading, but whatever.

Don’t get me wrong, they looked gorgeous on my bed and were a great pop of color and pattern in our room.  They were silky to the touch, but I noticed right away that this product’s elastic band tended to bunch up, causing the sheet itself to come out from under the corners – also not a good sign.  We gave it a good two nights with the sheets and I could literally feel the heat resonating from underneath my body and I am a relatively “cold” sleeper.  My husband runs pretty hot and, while he tried to not make a big deal about it, I could tell he also did not like them.

Needless to say, after giving it a good go for those two nights, I have two things to say about 100% Polyester sheets:

1.) No
2.) Just… just don’t

I ended up going over to K-Mart and found some 350 count sheets in a nice grey color.  While the price was much different from my dollar store option, they are definitely worth every penny.  This was a great reminder that not everything you think will save you a few bucks doesn’t always apply and sometimes, just sometimes, you’ve got to up that ante a couple of chips.

So, I have them tucked away for a rainy day when I figure out what I can do with the fabric – I was thinking about stretching it out over a frame (we’ll have to custom build it, I’m sure) and making it look like an art piece. The pattern is great and the colors are vibrant, so there has to be some way to use it!

What are your thoughts on Polyester sheets – yay or nay? Have you ever bought them not for your bedding, but for fun canvas projects?

Let me know!

Thanks, and good luck with your projects!


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