Product Review : Home Depot “Project Color” App

Home Depot "Project Color" AppFirst off, just wanted to say that in no way is this an advertisement for Home Depot, but rather I wanted to share with you how handy this application is.  I am not sure if it’s available for Droid devices, but I know it works really cool on my iPhone.

Why do I like this app?  Because I love painting! But, there is always a level of uncertainty when you are choosing a new color – especially when it might be a new color that you’ve never used before.  It’s a very simple app to use; you just take a picture and start painting.  I have noticed that for the smaller areas that it might not “paint” for you, you can use your finger, or a stylus, to get the areas fine-tuned.  I like that there is a variety of paint colors to choose from, and that you can do different colors in the same image.  I like that you can take a picture, load a picture, or use a live view to change it up.  You can also change the lighting options from Daylight to LED to Incandescent as well as see  a “stain” options for your outside decks or concrete areas.

I like that if you have things on the walls you already, the paint color seamlessly goes around it, making the whole image crisp and clean.  The areas that you do have to ‘finger paint’ with are usually not too hard to do and you still are left with a pretty clear image.  I like that there is an undo button when you accidentally select the wrong area (I think it let’s you go back about 4 mess ups).  You can only chose three colors total – but honestly unless you are doing a mural or geometric image, who needs more than three for one project?!

Not only is this application handy for your room ideas, but I tried it out on a piece of furniture too – very cool!!!

Pros: Application gives you a pretty spot on idea of what your room will look like with the new paint colors, gives you the option to save the image and tells you exactly what paint to ask for.
Cons: Application is a bit glitchy when it comes to live view and sometimes it’s just easier to close the app and go back in to it. There’s really not a super simple way (that I have found yet, so I could be wrong) to just ‘start over’ at the main menu screen.

Overall, if you are getting ready to apply a paint color and want a pretty spot-on image of what your paint colors could look like, I would highly recommend downloading this application – it’s definitely in my tool box now.

What are your thoughts on this type of home improvement application?  Have you tried it before and if so, what did you think about it?

Let me know!

Thanks, and good luck with your projects!





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