Put it to the test : Using walnuts to repair scratches on hardwood

So, I must admit that I was very skeptical when I was browsing through Pinterest pages and saw a post where someone had used a walnut to repair a scratch on their hardwood.  I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how you could use one to fix the other.

Then, it happened.  A scratch, and a fairly large one at that, had appeared on one of our yard sale gems – a three drawer dresser with an attached mirror, working skeleton key plus stamps on the back.  It really was a great find and I was very distraught to see this blemish on such a beautiful piece:


Instantly my mind went back to that post and thankfully, the cookies we baked for Santa this year had walnuts as one of the ingredients.  So, I rushed back to my pantry and dug up the bag but couldn’t help but hesitate before applying the nutty fix.  I could not help but think…

Would I be ruining this dresser even more?  Should I leave it alone and just put something in front of it?

In the end, I decided that I could not possibly do more damage to the wood that what had already been done, and proceeded to rub the walnut into the scratch.  I must say, the results were very promising:


So, keeping in mind that this was a very large scratch (about 4 inches long), I was pretty pleased with the results.  You can find more about this method by a simple Pinterest or Google search like this one and overall, I thought it was a good method to put to the test.

Have you ever tried this and if so, did it work for you?  What type of wood did you fix and did you try a different nut?  Please let me know about your Tried & True method via email at triedandtrued@gmail.com

As always, thanks, and good luck with your projects!



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