Put it to the test: Use Windex to clean microfiber?

I know what you are thinking – Windex?  On my furniture?  Get out of here with your madness!

I too was really hesitant when I started seeing posts from fellow Facebookers, because I was concerned that my light brown microfiber would end up with a blueish tint to it. At the suggestion of a friend, I had tried Rubbing Alcohol (97% was the strongest I could find) but it was so tedious – it took forever to clean one little section and honestly, I was getting pretty frustrated.

I am a member of a Facebook page called ‘At Home’, which is an absolutely fantastic page to be a member of – the posts are so helpful and it’s great to see what other people do with their homes. Anyways, a member had posted her experience with it and was nice enough to send me a video of her method when I asked how much she sprayed on there.  So, I took the plunge and set out with nothing more than my bottle of Windex and a clean, white towel. The results, to say the least, were amazing!

Here is my original picture of my light brown microfiber ottoman. This is what the whole thing looked like:


I mean – really bad right? It was getting to the point where a layer of hardness had formed and I could set a drink on there without fear of it tipping over (okay – maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was well on it’s way.)  I thought it was going to be like this forever and I couldn’t help but sing…

At first, I was afraid – I was petrified, thinking I would always have these stains by my siiiiiiiiide!

We purchased it about 3 years ago and it has had dog slobber, kid slobber, juice sprayed on to it, crackers smashed in to it – the basic gamut of things that any furniture goes through with a toddler.

So, this is a pre-Windex picture of the little corner (bottom right) after about 30 minutes with rubbing alcohol:


Even though it was supposed to be something that dried fast, it still left little ‘water marks’.  I tried two methods of application – using a small spray bottle and dumping it on but either way it still left a mark. So, frustrated, I abandoned my quest for cleaning the ottoman at that point.  Cue my savior from At Home, Lauren Schoop, and her post about using Windex.  I cannot stress enough how much of a game-changer it was.

Here is a picture I took when I was about a third of the way done (which took me about five minutes):


And finally, the beautiful end result; to me it was like we had gone out and bought a whole new piece of furniture:


In the end, I decided that I would need to make one more pass to get that final stubborn layer of stain out, plus I still needed to go around the sides.  Some precautions to take are of course making sure that when you spray, get your curious pets and little ‘helpers’ out of the way.  I also moved it out of the way and into some sun to speed up the drying time.  From Smith’s, I also purchased a long-handled brush that had a natural brush (because it was meant to clean potatoes) so that I could use it to re-fluff the fibers.  Overall, pleasantly surprised by this method and relived that it worked because I no longer feel the need to put a blanket or tray on it when we have people over.

Have you used this method before and if so – what were your results? Has anyone used it on a darker color, like grey or brown and yielded the same results? Please share your story in either the comments sections or send me an email!

As always, thanks and good luck with your projects!



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