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So, if you have been keeping up with my posts – or rather, my lack of posting? – you might have seen our recent decision to pull our house from the market.  Over several months, our time had been consumed with projects here and there, small and large.  It was really tough keeping the house in “show ready shape”, especially since we have a 4 year old who loves to ‘help’.

Anyways, long story short, we took a long look around and decided that we had actually got the house to where we had originally envisioned it.  Yeah it only has two bedrooms, a smaller kitchen and one bathroom – but it was full of our memories and our hard work.  We were going to make it work by continuing to do smart projects that would add equity to the house, and when we were finally, fully and truly set on moving we would have a little bit more money in our pockets.  We also had made the decision to refinance our house, which ended up closing TODAY – so excited about it.  We were able to lower our payments by ~$500.00 each month – that’s crazy savings! We would still be able to put some extra money towards the Principle amount, plus actually put some away in savings?  It’s a crazy concept for sure, but I am very thankful for the welcomed break to our bank account.  All good things.

So, the day after we had made that decision, as I was sipping coffee and browsing Pinterest (shocker), I stumbled upon this cool quote:


and instantly knew I just had to have one in our house.  I also knew that there could be limitations on what I could have done at my local print shop so I thought – well, I have a large canvas already so I’ll just get some sticker letters and Bob’s-your-uncle, I’ll have my new piece to hang up!  It sounded SO much easier in my head.  Wrong.  $20 in stickers later and I am through about 4 lines of text when I noticed that they weren’t sticking anymore.  Boooooooooo.

Okay – Plan B was looking much better now.  So, I called my local shop and got their specs for what they could do, deciding to go with a 2’x3′ print, which would run me about $5 (lesson learned).  They can actually 2′ by about anything, but since I already had one of those cheaper frames I figured I would just stay in those size limits.  The main thing she wanted to stress to me was the format they the image needed to be in, which is .pdf (like an Adobe document).

So, I got to work.  I had the frame, the quote and the idea – but nothing to really put them all together.  The first thing I did was find a simple program that I could manipulate the text in, and installed ‘InkScape‘.  It’s really close in function to Adobe Illustrator, but keep in mind it’s a freeware program so a.) be aware of who you are downloading it from and b.) it’s slower so don’t get frustrated at the delays you might see.  Next, I needed to find a font, which I wanted something that was blocky and slightly eroded, but still legible and landed on this font from

Now I had everything that was needed!  I was able to make this PDF File and email it to my local print shop, which I think they did an AMAZING job at it!  Another cool thing that I learned after I shared this to a Facebook group I am in, is that this is actually a song by Doug Stone called “Little Houses” and that made me fall even that much more in love with it.

Here is my final result:


What do you guys think?  Have you used a similar method from one of your ‘Pinspirations’? Let me know your thoughts!

As always – thanks, and good luck with your projects!





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