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Let's DIY!!!

So, if you ask my mom, I’ve been doing interior design since I was strong enough to move around furniture – she swears that my room didn’t have the same arrangement for more than a month. To me, a room is like a game of Tetris – you have a set type of “pieces” in a room that can only fit together certain ways, but there are different combinations that can be done each time.   That’s what I love, finding those combinations.  I love putting new things up on walls, trying new colors and creating custom pieces to accent the room.

This site is my creative outlet. I want to reach out to people and help them figure out what they can do with a space that they are “stumped” with.  I want to have people reach out from all corners of the globe with their input because sometimes, all we need is a fresh pair of eyes to see things differently. I want people who have used the wrong paints, the wrong tools and the wrong methods to comment and share what they did to get the results they wanted using tried and true methods.

So how did I come up with the name for my site?   Well, for anyone that has never heard the phrase “tried and true”, it stems from a method that has been done before by someone and proven to work.  That’s what this site is all about – reaching out to people all around the world for their feedback on what you could do differently with a space and getting an outsider’s perspective.  You know how sometimes you can just stare at a piece of furniture and think you have a great idea, but then you start working on it and hit that “creativity wall”? That’s what this site is all about!  Keep an eye on my “Recent Posts” for the latest Product Reviews, Project Updates, and General Discussions and, when you have some time to kill, check out my Pinterest Boards for new ideas.

How it works:

If you have recently completed a DIY project and want to share your results, please Email Me your photos, along with what tools you used, anything that went right (or anything that went wrong) and I’ll put it up on the site for other to see and, possibly, use. I’ll put it up as a guest submission and hopefully, between the two of us, we can help someone get going on a project they’ve been wanting to try.


1.) You stumble upon my site and are instantly wowed, deciding that you want to give it a try
2.) You send me a picture of the room, furniture, knick-knack, etc. that you want looked at, submit an entry and I post it with suggestions from myself, as well as for others to offer their advice.

All I need to know is:

a.) What kind of “mood” or style you are going for
b.) What colors you are thinking of going with
c.) If you want, your budget for the project(s)

3.) Your picture will be uploaded to my Recent Posts page and will be up for a few weeks for people to comment on with their ideas
4.) After two weeks, the post will be archived in the guest submission category and I will send a summary of the comments to your email address. All that I ask, is that you send me an “after” photo so that I can add it to the success stories.

Pretty easy, right?

So please folks, send me an email at : TriedandTrued@gmail.com and just remember – when you don’t know what to do, reach out to Tried and True!

Thanks, and good luck with your projects!


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  1. This woman has amayzing ideas!!!


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